Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

As the world is becoming more dependent on search engines and social media day by day, it’s important to have your business active online. Social media is the biggest source of discovering new websites and businesses, where people share their favorite articles, blogs, sites and items and meet different people from all over the world. As professionals, we are here to help your business/brand reach its potential limits, both digitally and creatively.

Techzone is one of the renown digital agencies in the uae that your brand would need to meet all its digital marketing needs, like advertising online, email/sms marketing, facebook or other social media channels campaign- we have it all!

We offer the following Digital Marketing services;

1.Strategy & Campaigns

Marketing should not be left on chance. Techzone work devotedly to cultivate refined and creative marketing strategies, exceeding their potentials. Be it is lead boosting, growing your brand, or increase your website traffic, we are here to help you design your personally customized strategy, that will fit perfectly within your budget and goals.

Techzone provides you a definite idea of the outcomes that are expected from your customized marketing strategy. We work closely with you to establish quantifiable goals and ways to make you reach your destination. Eventually, you can feel assured that the strategy is rigorous, realistic and result-oriented.

Basic activities to define your strategy are;
2.Online Advertising;

Techzone believe in associating expertise, logic and creativity for creating campaigns to push your brand to new heights digitally. Since Paid Search is the masterkey of the modern online advertising market, our professional team consists of wide range of domains for example search, direct buying, programmatic buying, real time bidding, social advertising, PPC campaigns, etc. From the planning of the digital media and the purchase of your advertising campaign to the engagement of the user, we have it all in-house covered with the use of high-end analytical tools, that eventually result in value for the campaigns. Techzone benefits its clients with top publishers in the market, ad exchanges, ad networks and social channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

3.Google Ad Words;

The Techzone’s team consists of highly skilled and qualified members each having expertise in their respective fields. We have Google AdWords and Analytics certified expertees to serve you guaranteed results, thus making the most out of digital marketing.

4.Email Marketing;

Techzone makes your email campaigns valuable with incredible design and flared copies and links that the readers are obliged to give it a read. Our emails have a purpose, offering great value with custom-made content and an analytical approach, delivering exactly what the audience wants to read. Our email marketing campaign offers you a great help to connect with a bigger audience than any other usual media marketing. We work with you closely to target the right audience by A/B testing and the segmentation of the audience to the design of the email, copy and distribution. Your email marketing campaign eventually needs a strong lead generation, for which we work with you to make that happen.

Our email marketing services include;
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